Shipping containers are sturdy, durable containers that are used to transport goods by sea all over the globe. Many of these shipping containers are only used once, and as a result can be bought for a low price. This, combined with the eco-friendly aspect of it, has sparked the trend of shipping container homes: converting these big steel containers into living spaces. Shipping containers have been used to build living accommodations for students and even shopping malls.

Purchasing or building a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, and possibly one of the most financially-taxing as well. There are many considerations you will need to put into account when selecting the type of house, how much space is necessary, design, materials, location, and other variables. It is a decision that has both short-term and long-term repercussions on your lifestyle, so you should equip yourself with as much knowledge and available options as possible.

In recent years, a trend that has grown in popularity among many home-buyers is the conversion of shipping containers into usable living spaces. How does that work?

Shipping containers are designed to carry all sorts of cargo by sea, to every corner of the world. They are made of steel, which makes them very sturdy. Also, they can withstand various elements of nature.

The majority of shipping containers in the world today come from China. It is estimated that there are around seventeen million of these containers around the world today. Enterprising individuals have successfully converted these big steel containers into office or retail spaces worldwide. Never mind such practices as storytelling in business (where businesses tell their stories for marketing purposes) - shipping container homes can provide tangible, real world applications now.

With the use of shipping containers becoming more and more mainstream for retail, office, and residences in many areas of the world, perhaps you are looking into this option as well. Refurbishing shipping containers definitely offers a lot of flexibility and innovative design options for your home.

Shipping container homes are popular for a good reason: they have all the benefits of a traditional home, without any of the drawbacks. The most important benefits of shipping container homes are that they are cheap, sturdy and are widely available, can be ready for use quickly, and finally offer design creativity and flexibility.