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About TAP Assess

TAP Assess is a cloud based assessment tool for both teachers and pupils. It was created for teachers by teachers to make assessment simple and accurate, and to involve pupils in their own assessment.

Assessments can be made from anywhere: on a tablet device, a laptop or a desktop. Assessment data is updated in real time.

Pupils are awarded stars when both they and the teacher think they are secure with a learning objective. Pupils accumulate stars during the year and are automatically rewarded with certificates when they hit certain milestones. An optional pupil leaderboard can run throughout the year for core subjects to motivate pupils to achieve their potential.

Reports identify underachieving pupils and the specific areas that they need support with. Priority children are flagged and their progress is easily trackable. Parents can view the progress of their child at any time.

Teachers Assess

Formative assessment is made by teachers either during the lesson, whilst marking or following a formal assessment.

Pupils Self Assess

Pupils assess their own learning by indicating how secure they are with a particular objective and then set their own targets.


Staff, pupils and parents can view progress against year group expectations, anytime from anywhere.

Empowering Pupils

TAP Assess has been proven to empower pupils to take ownership of their own learning. The built in certificate systems and the ability to set their own targets is a real motivation for pupils. Also, importantly, what they need to achieve by the end of the school year is clearly mapped out and pupils become pro-active wanting to achieve their goals.


Below are some screenshots of the key areas of TAP Assess.
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127438 Evaluations
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Pricing and Plans

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Small School

  • Annual Cost
  • 1-200 pupils
  • No setup fee
  • Money back guarantee


Medium School

  • Annual Cost
  • 201-400 pupils
  • No setup fee
  • Money back guarantee


Large School

  • Annual Cost
  • 401 + pupils
  • No setup fee
  • Money back guarantee

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