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With so much to do for your wedding it can be easy to get lost. There are so many wedding calendar planners out there that suggest time frames to get things done by, but depending on your circumstances they can be irrelevant. Some say to book your wedding cars three months in advance. If we had waited that long we wouldn't have had a car at all. To help with getting yourself ready for planning your wedding I would suggest that, after you have your registrar and venue sorted, you come up with a theme and colour scheme before you do much else. Having these in place will help you along the way with planning the rest of your big day.

A theme can simply be just the colour scheme or you could base it around the location, a hobby, film or an era etc. The theme is then usually hinted at throughout the wedding such as invitations, cake, favours, decorations, clothing, table names, music or even food. You do not want to go over the top with what you do to include your theme as you could run the risk of your wedding being gaudy. The theme is simply a backdrop to your day.

For us, we had a subtle military theme. Luke had spent eleven years in the British Army and being a proud wife-to-be I was thrilled when he said he wanted to wear his ceremonial uniform. It was also a good excuse for him to show off his medals. All of our tables were named after British military vehicles and on the back of each table name card was a brief history about the certain vehicle. All we had to reflect our theme were the table names, cake topper and Luke and my nephew (who was the Page Boy) wearing ceremonial uniforms. To be honest, if Luke hadn't decided to wear his uniform, being huge dog lovers we probably would have named our tables after different dog breeds. It can literally be anything you want. You may choose a fantastic Indian wedding with lots of pashmina wedding scarves or a Greek wedding with plates being smashed aplenty.

The colour you choose will be the colour that is reflected throughout the whole day and is generally incorporated in the following things; invitations, flowers, Groomsmen's waistcoats and neckwear, Bridesmaid dress, chair sashes and centrepieces.

You may already have a favourite colour and decide to use that or you may want to choose another colour or colours. But whatever colour you go for you will need to make sure it is fairly common as you will need to be able to match it up as best you can. You may find a lovely colour that is stunning but if you can't find ribbons, napkins, waistcoats etc in the same colour, coordinating it might be difficult. I thought we had gone for the safe option with burgundy, but no. There are so many shades of the one colour out there that, at times, we ran the risk of clashing. Exact matches are hard to find even with common colours so don't worry too much. A colour scheme is just an added extra, it is not the be all and end all, and won't impact too much on your day if you decide not to have one. I have to say that I had many a sleepless night stressing over not finding identical colours but in hindsight it made absolutely no difference.

A helpful tip is, once you have chosen your Bridesmaid's dress, (if you are having multiple Bridesmaids and giving a different coloured dresses to each of them, this will apply to the Chief Bridesmaid's dress only) ask the shop if they can give you a colour sample you can take away with you. This will help you to match the colour as best as possible with the other things you need to buy. (I carried my sample around with me everywhere I went. You never know what wedding related shops you might pass on your day to day outings.)

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