So many tools promise one-size-fits-all analytics insights; some purport to tell the future with predictive analytics. If you are not listed, your customers will struggle to find you and you will be missing out on a lot of business while your competitors reap all the benefits. Links contain valuable information that can help us improve search, such as how the words within links describe content they point at. Thin content is a phrase used to describe websites that lack valuable information for visitors.

Are you providing the types of things your audience is looking for?

However, with an HTTPS site, the referring domain is visible, making it easier to more accurately see where your site traffic is coming from. You could pay for ads - but is this really a viable (affordable) long-term solution? Optimisation measures can be applied to your own site with dedicated plug-ins which you can download and install for free within WordPress. Do it right and you can open up a much larger marketplace.

Establish intuitive information architecture by considering page impressions

Informational or instructional videos use a strategy similar to a branded content approach. You can use this tool to discover what people are searching for and how often. What I want to stress here though is that if you stick with the core elements of SEO, proper site optimization, quality content, and high-quality link building you should never have to worry about these changes and updates. It's time consuming, it's expensive, and kind of cheap SEO firms aren't going to do the work needed to get real results in SEO.

Turn your offsite SEO into a high performing machine

Google's web crawlers travel around the web via links collecting data about each page, so it's a good idea to regularly audit your external link profile to ensure you aren't sending visitors (or bots) down a dead end street. If you reset the parameters to include a much longer list of keywords, you'll also find keywords and phrases for which you are on page two or three-these keywords are a prime opportunity for rank building. The Penguin update in 2012 (and its subsequent iterations) scared many search marketers away from the strategy, and John Mueller's comments that link building is a process to "avoid in general" didn't help. We asked an SEO Specialist, Gaz Hall, for his thoughts on the matter: "Collaborating SEO and content strategy plan make it easy to gain organic traffic as well as tackle expensive keywords."

Disambiguation, and diversity are important when it comes to backlinks

Use keywords in the headline or lead sentence to make it even likelier that your rank in search engine results rises. that search engines understand the new site and what it should rank for). Although big companies have large marketing budgets, they too can benefit from receiving (almost free) hits. Our take on citations is that regardless of whether or not they help with Google rankings, we still unfortunately see Google ingest and trust the data from these services all too often.